This form should be completed by international onshore students who wish to request a change of duration to their electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE).
PART A: Student Details
Student Number (ID)
Family Name
Given Name
Course Name
Course Code
Primary Phone
Course Start Date
Course End Date
PART B: Details of Leave of Absence

  I am applying for leave from to

Please attach supporting documentation
Other (please specify):
PART C: Student Agreement

PART D: Student Statement(Please state below the reason for your Leave)
Select Location
PART E: Information for Students
Once Asia Pacific International College has received all required information, you should allow seven working
days for processing of an application.
How to complete and submit this form:
1. Complete the form as follows:
  • Complete Part A and Part B to request Leave of Absence
  • Complete Part C: Student Agreement section
2. Obtain approval from your College (usually your program manager, course coordinator or supervisor)
3. Attach supporting documentation to the form, as required by Part B and C. For example:
  • A doctors certificate to support illness or injury
  • A copy of a study plan from your College, where you have been identified as at risk of making unsatisfactory
  • A copy of your up-to-date overseas health cover card.
4.Submit the form to Asia Pacific International College (see address details below) Other important information you need to know:
  • Asia Pacific International College can only approve a request for a Leave of Absence, in limited circumstances. Leave of absence may only be approved on grounds of medical illness or exceptional compassionate circumstances and only for one semester. This is in line with Visa requirements.
  • You must leave Australia within 28 days after the leave of absence has been approved.
  • You must not return to Australia until your approved leave of absence is finished.
  • Your application must be authorised by the Student Services Officer responsible for your course.