Instructions: Please complete sections 1-4.
Applications are assessed primarily on the independent supporting documentation provided to demonstrate your circumstances. The documentation should be provided either as originals or as certified original copies on official letterhead. Please note that all documentation must include the appropriate dates of any relevant events i.e (DIAC Visa Refusal Letter or illnesses). Incomplete applications will be rejected. Please note that you will be charged $150.00 RPL processing for each of the units which the exemption was granted.
SECTION A: Student Details  
Student Number
Family Name
Given Name
APIC Course Name
APIC Course Code
Name of the previous Institution
Original Institution details
Year Unit Code Unit Name
Credits exemptions based on courses from institutions other than Asia Pacific International College may affect admission to professional bodies
Note: Certified copies of original documentary evidence must be attached. Do not send originals as we cannot return them.
Attach copy of the academic transcripts (Mandatory)
Attach copy of the unit study guide(s) (per unit) (Mandatory)
Attach copy of the certificate award (Optional)
Attach copy of the completion letter (Optional)
RPL Checklist
Select Location
I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information supplied on this form is correct and complete, and I agree to abide by the regulations of Asia Pacific International College.
I acknowledge I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the APIC Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.