Student Support Services

Student Services

APIC is proud of its friendly and supportive student services team who come together to offer a great service and experience to all students. Our Student Services team is helpful and provides professional suggestions suitable for each student's unique situation.
Need help? Please don't hesitate to contact our student services team who are looking forward to meeting you. Email Student Services at

English Language Learning Support

We understand that individual students may experience difficulty in coping with their academic work in English, particularly in terms of academic and professional writing skills, presentation skills and reading and summarisation skills. Our professors and lecturers assist campus-based students to improve their English. In addition, we have set aside Fridays as non-teaching days so that all those in need of improving their English language skills can participate in specially designed English classes held at ELSIS free of charge. Online students will receive recommendations from their lecturers and tutors to undertake additional English language training locally, or enrol in suitable online English classes until they reach the required level of proficiency.

Careers and Employment

Not sure what course or program suits your needs and aspiration? Why not use our free advisory service?

While we will not make a decision for you (you are the best person to make a decision for yourself), we will share our knowledge with you in an independent and confidential manner; for example, if we feel that vocational studies might suit your needs and interests, we will ask you to consider that option instead of pursuing higher education studies.
Please note that we are providing this free advisory service to you in good faith, but cannot assume any responsibility for the outcomes of your choices; you need to consult your own advisors and consider the relevant facts before making your choice.

Accommodation services and assistance with living in Australia

CozzyStay is an accommodation service available to all APIC students, organising  share accommodation and homestays. Please visit: for details.

Additional services provided by APIC include:

  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs (fees apply)
  • Assistance with visa processing (fees apply)
  • General advice and assistance (eg. Dining out, retail, financial institutions, places of interest, etc.)

Counselling services

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your studies or living in a new country, you are welcome to make an appointment with our professional counselling team. They will discuss your concerns with you and help you find a way to address them appropriately. Should you fall behind with your attendance or course progress, you may require some counselling to get you back on track. Please ask our Student Services staff to arrange an appointment to meet the relevant academic advisor, particularly if you have received a warning letter regarding your attendance or course progress.

Disability Services

APIC's premises are accessible to disabled students. APIC's staff are required to provide all possible support to those in need when attending lectures and other essential functions at APIC locations, or venues designated for seminars, workshops and conferences. Please communicate your needs to our staff in advance at

Welfare Engagement

The purpose of Welfare and Engagement Service is to provide free confidential support and assistance to help students develop practical skills to better manage their time, money and personal issues, also to help develop strategies to concentrate on their studies to get more out of their College life. Engagement services provide students with the opportunity to join the Social Club Groups/Help Programs and attend a number of events, such as Health and Safety Seminars, Multicultural Events etc.

Click to download the Welfare and Engagement flyer for Sydney Campus

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