Learning Resources

Description of Learning Resources

Integrating Learning System

APIC provides access to a comprehensive online library of journals and scholarly work to support the teaching and learning activities of students and staff in the College. Students and staff can access and fully utilise ProQuest e-books library that holds over 189,349 textbooks covering most disciplines. In addition, we provide a comprehensive set of electronic learning materials in each unit of study, workshop or short course. We prescribe a limited number of hard copy textbooks and provide a large number of electronic learning resources on-line to all students across all units of study. See more details below.
Online Tools
APIC provides access to a comprehensive and unique suite of tools that support students and or practitioners in the field of business, project, program, portfolio or organisation management. As a student, they are able to:

  • assess their professional competencies and benchmark against their peers
  • develop a personal L&D plan and use it to accelerate their learning and career progression
  • assess the health of a project/program saving you $millions by simply learning where deficiencies are

Every student is expected to have his/her own laptop. However, they can borrow laptops from student services. APIC provides unlimited high-speed wireless internet service to students and staff at both Sydney and Melbourne campuses.

Library Resources & Services

Electronic Resources
APIC’s education system relies mainly on electronic learning resources that are conveniently available to both students and staff on a continuous basis from any location. The electronic learning resources are as follows:

  • (a)ProQuest e-books (over 189,349 textbooks are available online for unlimited access and viewing on multiple devices including tablets, smart phones and computers by students on campus or online)
  • (b) APIC’s own e-library which contains a large number of learning objects, including conference papers and presentations which are not normally found on standard databases. These e-library resources are updated with resources from faculty and managerial staff members who attend relevant conferences and similar events.

All of the above learning resources are available to students and staff via the Online Learning System. Access to these services is via an intuitive user interface and requires no additional log in and password once the student or staff member logs into the OLS.

Physical Learning Resources
APIC has established physical libraries in both Sydney and Melbourne campuses to further assist students with their learning needs. These libraries hold the following resources:

  • (a)Copies of the principal textbooks specified in course units
  • (b)Limited number of texts
  • (c)Reference books
  • (d)Magazines, serials and journals?
  • (e)Other learning materials


APIC’s library premises are air-conditioned and equipped with the relevant security cameras and comfortable facilities. The lighting and décor is designed to provide a cheerful and pleasant studying environment for staff and students. There are seats and reading tables as well as desktop computers installed with commonly-used software such as MS Office suite, Visual Basic, Firefox and Chrome and all are connected to fast internet. The library premises are equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots.

Library Help Desk

It is APIC’s policy to have a staff member in attendance at both Sydney and Melbourne premises to assist students and staff with their library research and other tasks. Further, the faculty routinely teach students how to conduct self-directed literature research and analysis as a component of their academic programs.

English Language Learning Support

We understand that individual students may experience difficulty in coping with their academic work in English, particularly in terms of academic and professional writing skills, presentation skills and reading and summarisation skills. Our professors and lecturers assist campus-based students to improve their English. In addition, we have set aside Fridays as non-teaching days so that all those in need of improving their English language skills can participate in specially designed English classes held at ELSIS free of charge. Online students will receive recommendations from their lecturers and tutors to undertake additional English language training locally, or enrol in suitable online English classes until they reach the required level of proficiency.

Academic Consultation

The College aims to provide the best quality education to all students and to set them up on the path to success, i.e. a rewarding career and personal achievement. All students on campus will be able to visit their lecturers and tutors on a regular basis and if necessary, make appointments for additional consultation and assistance.

The same level of service is provided to all distance (online) students using the following tools:

  • Virtual class sessions
  • Individual and team virtual consultation with the relevant academic staff members
  • Asynchronous consultation via email and other communication tools

In addition, students may communicate with the relevant Director of Studies to request additional academic support. Kindly note that the College's underpinning educational philosophy is to promote a culture of self-directed learning and development. Under this philosophy students assume responsibility for their own learning and development of their own capabilities. Academic consultation will assist this process but is not a substitute for student's own initiative, drive and personal leadership

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