Research & Consulting Tools

Three key tools developed and used extensively by APIC in Research and Consulting are the Project Health Check tool, Competency Assessment tool (CAT) and L&D Planner.

Online Diagnostics for Projects

The Project Health Check tool is - an online system used to diagnose the health of a project or program at any point in its life, applying 18 criteria and 67 indicators. Performance of a given project/program can be assessed applying the metrics that are included in the respective assessment matrices in the PH-C. There is one matrix per criterion and/or indicator. Development of the PHC took  more than 15 years of fundamental research and field studies by Professor Jaafari and the research team on management of complex projects. It has extended the field of project and program management in terms of the underlying concepts, framework and focus. The online interactive PH-C is available to both students and practitioners.

The system can be used by casual and regular users who wish to assess their managerial performance from a business and strategic perspectives, through to leadership and team management, implementation management, and so on. The findings may surprise even the most seasoned professionals in terms of shedding light on managerial shortcomings. Frequent users will be able to build a history of managerial performance on a given project and view the trends in terms of individual functions or associated enabling factors.

Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)

CAT is an interactive online tool to enable any practitioner in the field of project, program, portfolio, general and organisation management to assess their competencies systematically, and generate their own scorecard. The user can select a range of competency units or elements, conduct self-assessment or peer assessments, set targets for development and obtain different types of reports. CAT is an effective tool for assessment of competencies and for maintaining and improving these over time, enabling users to select the competencies needed for a particular assignment, with reference to the functions being performed.

Self-assessments results saved into a secure online database for future reference. Users can analyse the before and after training results, monitor their competencies and obtain historical trends of their competency development. CAT can also assist an individual to locate gaps in competencies based on the difference between the target and the actual competencies a person possess. CAT’s assessment is based on APIC’s comprehensive Charts of Competencies that are published on the College’s website and underpin the education and training programs the College offers.

Learning and Development Planner

L&D Planner is an online tool that guides users through a structured process to develop a personalised learning and development plan. It is linked to CAT so as to enable the users to import their latest competency profiles from CAT for inclusion into their L&D plan. The L&D Planner involves an 11 step process as follows:

  1. Self introduction
  2. The big picture
  3. Mega trends and challenges
  4. Goals
  5. Ethics and professional values
  6. Competency assessment: Socio-cultural and personal competence
  7. Managerial and technical competencies
  8. Competencies needed
  9. Proposed study program
  10. SWOT analysis
  11. Preferred plan
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