Dr. Mark Sinclair
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Dr. Mark Sinclair


Dr. Mark Sinclair is a highly experienced education, technology and general management professional with a career spanning corporate advisory (AT Kearney and KPMG), vocational education (founding Mentor Education) and higher education (RMIT University).
Mark is experienced in large scale digital transformation, eCommerce, strategy, corporate finance, business leadership, marketing, sales, development of quality online learning resources, quality assurance and the application of technology and innovation to professional education.
Mark founded Mentor Education in 2003 (joining the ECA Group in April 2017), which enrols nearly 4,000 domestic students each year utilising an efficient business model to digitally market, sell, deliver and support high-demand domestic vocational and higher education courses.
Marl’s Doctorate is from RMIT University School of Management, specialising in eCommerce implementation. He also holds an Masters of Business Administration from Hull University (UK), School of Management, specialising in Quality Assurance.
During his career, Mark has advised senior executives at over 100 businesses in a broad range of industries throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East including strategic assignment with the Department of Education, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Department of Human Services, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Telstra and the Reserve Bank of Indonesia.

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