APIC - Student Life Skill Orientation

Asia Pacific International College invited students and guest speakers to come together for the life skills orientation on the 23 of November. It was a nice break from classes for everyone attending. APIC want to make sure our students have an excellent experience while studying at our college. We feel it is important to stay informed and share knowledge with all our students. APIC wants to help you prepare and be confident, whether your living, studying or working in Australia.


The orientation covered a variety of content such as:

  • Pathways to internships.
    • PY offers a 12 Week unpaid internship - Work experience that is related to what you are studying is important if you want to be successful.
    • PY can help you take the first step and put what you have learned into practice once you graduate.
    • The Professional Year program works with over 500 companies to help you get placed into the Australian workforce.
    • PY can help build up your resumes references and professional profiles on social media such as LinkedIn.
    • Work experience and education in the same industry can give you the edge when applying for a job.
  • IELTS Preparation workshop.
    • You can ask to do a practice writing, reading, or spoken test.
    • These can find your weaknesses before paying to take the real test.
    • It will also give you a great idea of what to expect when you do decide to take the real IELTS test.
    • There is a free Workshop every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Students also heard from 2stay, they help international students with accommodation needs.
  • Academic Support.
    • APIC have planned many workshops that you can register to take.
    • We offer this service to undergrad and post grad students.
    • Workshops such as:
      • Leadership,
      • Team dynamics,
      • Academic Reading, Research, writing and integrity.
      • tips and individual tutorials
    • Other Free workshops such as the hospitality workshop.
      • This is perfect for students that are studying and need to find work.
      • You get a certificate when you finish the workshop.
      • There is a free Workshop every Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Much more, such as a brain Teaser exercise.
    • Students took a short quiz to engage with our speakers and create excitement.

Life skills quiz winners

Near the end of the orientation, we had guest speakers from Commonwealth Bank and also an alumni speaker. APIC also celebrated a few birthdays of our students. The birthday students were treated to cupcakes. The orientation was followed by lunch.

photo of APIC food

Guest speaker Mony from Commonwealth bank spoke about keeping your money safe, how to manage your money, student banking options (Student package). Also, Hot tips, online shopping and protecting yourself online. They also went over superannuation.

commonwealth guest speakers

Students also participated in a business sense team building exercise - Students formed groups of five for the next test. They were shown company logos to identify. The winning group had to get the most company names correct to win. Winning team was "Shark Team".

team building

Our final speaker was Waqas Charania (MBL Strategic Consultant) who graduated from APIC.  He gave words of encouragement and told his story of how he started the same as all the students sitting in the same class. He spoke of the obstacles he had to overcome to earn and the struggle to earn his permanent resident (PR) and get a job in Australia.

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