Orientation and Enrolment

Welcome, the new students to Asia Pacific International College

Orientation will help you get familiar with with the campus and give you a chance to meet your other students and most importantly ask questions. Get to know your teachers and make friends during orientation team building exercise. Come get the best out of your education.

Orientation will cover the following:

  • Introduction speech from Dr Ashok Chanda
  • Speech from APIC dean
  • Craig Ellis
  • Speech from Prof. Clive Smallman, APIC president
  • Student services overview Angela Leota
  • A team building exercises with Rakesh Khanal
  • Welfare services available to students:
    • Provide support while studying
    • Help develop strategies to concentrate on studies and get more out of life
    • Free consultation and legal aid service
    • Compassion and compelling circumstances
    • Onsite accommodation services
    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
    • Late tuition fee enquiries
    • assistant with accessing academic support services
    • Leave of absence
  • Attending free workshops
  • Engagement Services
    • Ambassador program
    • Health and safety forums
    • on and off-site activities and events
  • Insights on Student Experience, Internship and Alumni by Ambuj
    • Shared the future plan of Alumni initiative
    • Internship workshops for students
    • Extending state-of-the-art experience for students
  • Post Graduate course program overview with Bizhan Jamshidnezhad - Director of studies/program coordination
  • Undergraduate course program overview
  • Student Enrolment - Student affairs

New students completed a fun team building exercise in small groups. The groups had to plan and build a tower using limited materials. The objective was to build the tallest tower within a time frame using only a limited amount spaghetti and marshmallows. This exercise teaches collaboration, teamwork, communication, planning, and leadership. The winning group had to think outside the box to find a solution to succeed.


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