Dr Edward Green
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Dr Edward Green

Dr Edward Green began his career in the academic domain as a Senior Education Officer and Assistant Manager in the Flexible delivery unit – OTEN (1993 – 1997) where he was responsible for fostering flexible delivery of courses across TAFE and enhancing the interaction between OTEN and NSW TAFE colleges. He commenced his work in the Higher Education Directorate of the NSW Department of Education and Training (1997-1999) as a senior policy officer where he worked on providing strategic advice to the Minister and Senior Executive of the department on higher education strategic planning, policy and resourcing issues. In addition to his duties, he also acted as Executive Officer to consultant, Warren Grimshaw, and drafted a report titled “Future Provisions of Higher Education on the Central Coast of New South Wales “and was responsible for the management and administration of NSW government’s involvement in Rhodes Scholarship scheme. Following his research on the School of Social Work (1999 – 2003) at the University of New South Wales in Indonesia, he recommenced work as a Senior Policy Officer within the Higher Education Directorate of the NSW Department of Education and Training (2003 – 2006) where he was part of the Quality and Regulation team of the Higher Education Directorate. He worked as a Senior Manager of Quality and Accreditation for Australian College of Applied Psychology (2006 – 2007) where he established and lead the quality compliance unit of the college across the three campuses in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. He also acted as a Director for the same college for a brief period where his main responsibilities included overseeing various units such as accreditation and compliance, quality, curriculum development and library and advising the General Manager and the Executive Committee on the future academic direction of the college.
Dr Green was awarded the Endeavour Postdoctoral research fellowship award, following which he took up the post at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) (2007-2008) and proceeded to conduct a research project into the live experience of men living in rural areas and their needs regarding HIV education. On return to Australia, he recommenced his position as the Director of Academic Development in Australian College of applied Psychology (2008 – 2009) and chaired the College’s course advisory committee and course development committee in addition to be a member of the Ethics, Strategic Development, Quality, Executive and Research Committees. He was appointed as a Dean of the Australian College of Applied Psychology (2009 – 2011) and was responsible for development and accreditation of new course and review and re-accreditation of existing courses. He commenced working as a General Manager – Education with General Practice Education and Training (2012 – 2013) and was responsible for development, management and review GPET’s national medical educational activities, program policies and registrar support programs. He also acted as a Principal of Edward Green Consultancy ( 2014 – 2015 ) where he provided quality consulting services to educational institutions in matters of vocational and higher education compliance protocols , institutional registration , curriculum development process , course accreditation , academic governance , quality assurance , continuous improvement , issues of learning and teaching including student support , professional development for academic and administrative staff and development . He held the position of the Executive Dean of Raffles College of Design and Commerce (2015 – 2016) where he took care of the duties involved with the position and chaired the College’s Academic Board. He acted as an Executive Dean for the JMC Academy (2016-2017) where he served as the Academy’s chief liaison officer with TEQSA.

Dr Edward Green is currently Executive Dean at Australian Institute of Business Intelligence – Higher Education and sits on the academic board of the college. He is the author of the book ‘Staying Bush ‘– The lives of Gay Men in Rural Australia’ and is the author of more than 50 external publications. He advises in the areas of accreditation and quality assurance, strategic planning, compliance protocols, institutional registration, curriculum development process, course accreditation, academic governance, quality assurance, continuous improvement, issues of learning and teaching including student support, professional development for academic and administrative staff, policy advise and development.

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