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The APIC Research and Scholarship Seminar Series showcases and shares the work of APIC staff and collaborators. The papers are invited because they are current, relevant and applied. Members of the APIC community (students, staff and collaborators) are invited to attend all seminars.
For more information on the upcoming seminars in 2019 and the ones held in 2018, please refer to the tables.

APIC Research and Scholarship Seminars scheduled in 2020

Date Topic Presenter
11 February 2020 Update from Recipients of APIC Small Research Grants
Project 1: Measuring the service quality and impact of online delivery
Project 2: Addressing Australia’s Refugee Problem through cross sector collaboration in construction
Dr Andrew Cram,
Dr Suhair Alkilani
12 May 2020 Update from Recipients of APIC Small Research Grants
Project 1: Assessment of Risk Factors Impacting Building Construction Projects in Australia.
Project 2: Dynamic Impacts of Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) on Stock Markets: An Intercontinental Evidence
Dr Rakesh Khanal,
Dr Ranajit Kumar Bairagi
12 August 2020 Impacts of COVID-19 on Australian Higher Education Export-A Discussion Dr Ranajit Kumar Bairagi

APIC Research and Scholarship Seminars scheduled in 2019

Date Topic Presenter
22nd January Applied and Collaborative Research Prof Lynne Harris,
Dean and Director of Learning and Teaching
01 May Recommender Systems:Applications,Techniques And Research Trends Associate Professor Mehregan Mahdavi, Campus Academic Manager
17 July The Pedagogical Implications of using Digital Technologies in Classroom Interactions Dr Spice Wang, Digital Learning Coordinator
22 October 2019 Enhancing Feedback Using Screen Capture Video Dr Michelle Cavaleri

Upcoming seminar for Research and Scholarship are scheduled on 23 April , 23 July and 22 October. More details regarding the presenter and topic will be updated closer to the event.

APIC Research and Scholarship Seminars held in 2018

Date Topic Presenter
17th July 2018 Performance Measurement and Improvement Model for Small and Medium Contractors Dr Suhair Zaid Alkilani,
Course coordinator MPMB
5th October 2018 Educational Design Research Dr Andrew Cram,
Director of Digital Learning and Teaching
5th December 2018 Combating International Trade in Counterfeit Products Dr Abeba Gebreselassie,

For more information on the seminar topics please refer to our seminar page APIC Seminars.

If you have any queries regarding the upcoming seminars or would like to watch the recording of the ones that have happened in the past, please drop a mail to [email protected].

If you wish to present a seminar, please send an updated copy of Research Seminar Form to [email protected].