Student Learning Support

Student Learning Support

Student Learning Support at APIC aims to improve the academic experience for all students by supporting and motivating you to do the best work you can and by developing skills for succeeding with your academic studies and improving your job-readiness.
Our academic support is delivered via the following three main channels: online academic skills resources, individual and small group consultations and in-class skill development.

Online Academic Skills Resources

A range of written and video resources are available 24/7 on the Library and Learning Support website to help students develop important academic skills. Topics include:

  • Academic integrity and referencing
  • Understanding and planning assessments.
  • Reading and note taking for assessments.
  • Academic writing skills (e.g. paraphrasing, creating flow in your writing, using formal language, identifying common errors, revising and editing, checking for overall coherence).
  • Assessment type writing guides (e.g. essay, report, literature review, case study, summary, reflective essay, learning journal, research proposal).
  • Researching (e.g. searching for information, locating and evaluating sources, refining search terms, keeping track of your resources, getting the most out of your search).
  • Exam preparation
  • Professional skills (e.g. teamwork, time management, oral presentations).
  • Maths and computer skills refresher.

Individual and Small Group Consultations

Students are able to book individual or small group consultations with a Learning and Teaching Advisor for assistance with specific study-related issues. For example, we can help you:

  • learn specific skills and develop strategies for paraphrasing, referencing, using linking words, reading academic texts, editing your work, and so on;
  • understand the requirements and format of different types of assessments, such as essays, case studies and reports;
  • break down feedback you received on an assessment and work out a plan for improving your next assessment based on the feedback;
  • prepare a plan or outline for an upcoming assessment; or
  • review a draft assessment and discuss areas of strength and areas for improvement.
    As well as regular business hours support, we also offer consultation hours two evenings a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7:30pm - 9pm). Consultations can be delivered face-to-face on campus, or via phone or video conference (Zoom, Skype).

To make a booking, visit our online booking system or Email

In-Class Skill Development

The Student Learning Support team work closely with teaching staff to enhance students’ academic and professional skills inside the classroom. We collaborate with academic staff to identify specific areas for skill development and learning support, and then create tailored resources, learning activities and in-class presentations that are context-specific and are linked to assessment tasks.

Academic Integrity Module

The Academic Integrity Module (AIM) aims to equip APIC students with knowledge on academic integrity and skills to avoid academic misconduct. Through written information, videos, reflection questions and case study scenarios, the AIM provides comprehensive information about APIC students’ academic integrity responsibilities, the importance of proper acknowledgement and referencing, and how to avoid plagiarism and other types of academic misconduct.

To ensure that students understand academic integrity, all new students are required to complete the AIM within the first three weeks of their study at APIC. In order to successfully complete the module, students must complete a quiz and achieve a score of 100%. Students can re-take the quiz as many times as needed until successfully completed.

For any questions or issues regarding the AIM, contact Student Learning Support at [email protected]

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