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  • What Experts Say About the APIC Project Management Graduate Program

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  • “The program is designed very professionally, focusing on core needs in business world. It is excellent to see such program is designed to have more practical approach and fill the gap which exists in most MBA programs. Such programs enable graduates to be ready for complex challenges in business environment.”

    Ramin Vatanparast, (Dr Tech), Senior Research Manager, Nokia Inc, USA

    MBA programs

  • “There is an increased need to have better skills to tackle increasingly more complex challenges; professionals are looking for ways in which to do this in a manner that fits in better with their busy schedules (as they try to achieve a better work/life balance). This program responds to this need in a systematic manner.”

    Natasa Gadzuric, Organisational Development Officer, Downer Engineering


  • “I recall the debates about University degrees that created graduates who knew everything but couldn’t do anything. With this new transformational approach, a practical element that is readily transferable to industry would be refreshing.”

    Dr Steve Whittle, Managing Director, BusTech Solutions

    Debates about University degrees

  • “There is a strong pedagogical focus that encompasses industry relevance throughout the program. In addition, there is a strong linkage between theory and practice which according to current adult learning theory underpins best practice philosophies.”

    Sheri Evans, University Lecturer, Director of Chancellor College and Expert in Business and Leadership Education and Development

    Pedagogical focus

  • “The Master of Business and Project Management is a very good idea and the program is very well structured and aligned to business needs. Almost everybody agrees that project management is a combination of science and art.”

    Hiroshi Tanaka, President of Global Project Management Forums, President of Japan Project Management Forum

    Master of Business and Project Management

  • "I have just graduated from APIC and when I looked at the modules included in the APIC MBA program, I was impressed with how appropriately they chose and built the program for incoming students, making us think deeply about project management concepts. APIC’s MBA is structured in a way that makes it easy and effective to learn independently."

    Ata Homayoun, MBA Graduate

    Thinking deeply about project management concepts

  • "The program approach of professional development was really beneficial. Tools such as individual competency assessment and project/program health check indicated the path toward excellence. By the end of the program I really felt competent in all course areas even those which were unfamiliar to me before commencing the course."

    Mojgan Bordbar, MBA Graduate

    Program approach

  • I would like to use the opportunity to thank the APIC team and particularly Professor Jaafari for the splendid way of training which was beyond my previous experiences and helped me to improve my practical knowledge of management in many ways.”

    Shakiba Bahram, MBA Graduate

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  • "By joining APIC's MBA course I was able to develop my project management skills and competence and deliver excellent business outcomes. Project-based learning allowed me to experience and apply the theories taught in the workshops and put them into practice, thus reinforcing my learning. I have gained the skills to proactively deliver better quality products and I have also improved communications with my clients in managing their expectations. As a qualified project manager/engineer I am now able to take up new challenges and extend my career choices."

    Marcel Gan, B.Eng (Hons), MBA Student

    APIC's MBA course

  • “A distinct advantage of the MBA (PPM) offered by APIC is its approach that involves you in real life projects. One has to assess the project, find its weaknesses and propose the required solutions to improve the project. In other words, a hands-on experience in managing projects.”

    Design & Contracts Manager, MAPNA Power Plant Division 

    MBA (PPM)

  • “The improvement of my project management skills made through the MBA program is outstanding. It has helped me to sharpen my skills and insights. It has also opened up new opportunities in the field of project management for me.”

    Senior Technical Inspection Engineer, BPC Petrochemicals  

    Project Management Skills

  • “Although I had lots of experience with managerial aspects, project contexts and project-based organisations, I decided to develop my competencies through APIC’s MBA (PPM) program because it is competency-based, and focuses on project and program management rather than general management.”

    Quality Assurance and Systems Manager, IWREC

    APIC’s MBA (PPM)

  • “The MBA in Project & Program Management at Asia Pacific International College has helped me to solve problems regarding the management of contracts and large complex projects.”

    Project Manager, MAPNA Power Plant Division

    The MBA in Project & Program Management

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