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  • “There is an increased need to have better skills to tackle increasingly more complex challenges; professionals are looking for ways in which to do this in a manner that fits in better with their busy schedules (as they try to achieve a better work/life balance). This program responds to this need in a systematic manner.”

    Natasa Gadzuric, Organisational Development Officer, Downer Engineering


  • “I recall the debates about University degrees that created graduates who knew everything but couldn’t do anything. With this new transformational approach, a practical element that is readily transferable to industry would be refreshing.”

    Dr Steve Whittle, Managing Director, BusTech Solutions

    Debates about University degrees

  • “There is a strong pedagogical focus that encompasses industry relevance throughout the program. In addition, there is a strong linkage between theory and practice which according to current adult learning theory underpins best practice philosophies.”

    Sheri Evans, University Lecturer, Director of Chancellor College and Expert in Business and Leadership Education and Development

    Pedagogical focus

  • “The Master of Business and Project Management is a very good idea and the program is very well structured and aligned to business needs. Almost everybody agrees that project management is a combination of science and art.”

    Hiroshi Tanaka, President of Global Project Management Forums, President of Japan Project Management Forum

    Master of Business and Project Management

  • “Although I had lots of experience with managerial aspects, project contexts and project-based organisations, I decided to develop my competencies through APIC’s MBPM program because it is competency-based, and focuses on project and program management rather than general management.”

    Quality Assurance and Systems Manager, IWREC