Rules and Guidelines

Library Rules

All ECA staff and students are required to comply with library rules to ensure there is reasonable and equitable access to library facilities for all library users. For example:

  • Library users will respect and use the Library space, property, equipment and resources appropriately at all times.
  • Library users will interact with mutual respect and consideration for others within the library. For example, mobile phones should be switched to silent upon entering libraries.
  • All Library users must always comply with the Copyright Act 1968 provisions and regulations when copying, printing or recording information whether in the Library and/or accessing library resources both on and off campus.
  • When borrowing items, library users must comply with all borrowing conditions and policies.

Please click the link to view the APIC Library Rules.

Borrowing Guidelines

Please click the link to view the Borrowing Guidelines, which contains information regarding:

  • borrowing, returning, renewing and reserving items.
  • overdue items and associated late fees and other penalties.
  • lost or damaged items and reimbursement processes.
  • alert and overdue notices schedule.


ECA Library is grateful to receive donations of resources that are current and relevant to the college’s teaching and research programs. Books should be in good condition and with a publication date and ISBN and published within the last 5(five) years. Potential donors are invited to contact the ECA Library to discuss any proposed donations.