Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

APIC will be a transformational, challenge-based and distinctive higher education provider. At APIC, students, educators,researchers, professionals and other stakeholders will work together exploring collaborative solutions to real-world problems. APIC will use flipped learning with students studying course content online, where face-to-face time is reserved for collaborative, applied problem-solving, drawing inspiration from the arts, science and professional practice. Through challenging action learning and action research, its students and stakeholders will transform themselves, responding to and preparing for the changing world of work. APIC will operate beyond standards.

Our Mission

APIC develops and delivers action learning and action research that transforms individuals, business and
society by enabling the collaborative development of solutions to real-world challenges.

Our Values
  • Student-centred
  • Real-world engaged
  • Best-practice governance
  • Academic primacy
  • Academic freedom with responsibility
  • Collegial professionalism
  • Quality and excellence
  • Rigour and integrity
  • Responsible marketing
  • Communicate clearly, early and often
  • Listening
  • Wellbeing, respect, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude
Graduate Attributes

Our graduates have the following attributes:



GA-K1: Analyst
Determines robust, logical and transferable information from a variety of sources

GA-K2: Culturally Aware
Is sensitive to and respectful of the similarities and differences between cultural groups

GA-K3: Researcher
Evaluates questions, ideas or processes and forms conclusions based on qualitative and/or quantitative evidence



GA-S1: Excellent Communicator
Expresses complex ideas orally, in writing, and by various digital means.

GA-S2: Inquirer, Innovative and Creative
Seeks information by questioning, and combines their discoveries with novel thinking to inform the development of new ideas or products.

GA-S3: Resilient and Adaptable
Adjusts quickly and positively to new conditions and/or circumstances.


Application of Knowledge & Skills

GA-AKS1: Problem Solver
Finds novel and effective solutions for both anticipated and unexpected challenges.

GA-AKS2: Decision Maker
Selects an appropriate, timely and logical choice when presented with available options.

GA-AKS3: Manager of Change
Develops and directs processes to support the adoption of the changes required by a project or initiative.

GA-AKS4: Planner
Identifies the necessary steps, timing and resources used in the creation of a goal, product or outcome.

GA-AKS5: Collaborator
Works Constructively with others in the creation of a shared goal, product or outcome.

GA-AKS6: Leader
Directs and motivates individuals and teams.

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