Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

APIC seeks to become a leading independent, self-accrediting higher education provider through diversity of courses, diversity of delivery, and commitment to fulfilling and high-quality student experiences and graduate outcomes.

Our Mission

APIC provides transformative higher education which fosters personal fulfilment, professional growth and creativity of thinking in our students.

Our Values
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Equal opportunity and social inclusion
  • Academic and intellectual freedom
  • Customer centricity
  • Efficiency
  • Diligence
Graduate Attributes
  1. Analytical and Scholarly: APIC graduates will be able to locate, select and evaluate information from a range of sources to ensure currency of their knowledge base.
  2. Ethical and Inclusive Professionals: APIC graduates will respect multiple perspectives, human rights, and ethical principles. They will also be capable of autonomy and self- directed practice.
  3. Innovative Problem Solvers and Decision Makers: APIC graduates will be curious, enquiring and adaptable, embracing and creating change. They will be able to find novel and effective solutions for anticipated and unexpected challenges and make appropriate, timely and justified decisions.
  4. Excellent Communicators: APIC graduates will be able to communicate effectively in oral and written English and collaborate with others to achieve outcomes. They will be able to adapt their communication style to context.
  5. Critical and Reflective Thinkers: APIC graduates will actively reflect on and critique information, decisions, and strategies for continuous improvement.
  6. Leaders and Collaborators:APIC graduates will be able to work effectively in diverse teams that require leadership, collaboration and teamwork skills to achieve outcomes.