Dear Alumni and Friends,
There are many success stories to be told with Asia Pacific International College being recognised as one of the best business and project management schools in Australia. We’ve also ventured into the domestic market by offering an MPMB program with weekend classes. Graduation ceremonies are becoming grander events, our students are enthusiastically participating in sporting events in large numbers. CPA accreditation has been awarded for our Bachelor's program in the field of Accounting & Information Systems and much more. pulsa808

The list is endless and the passion is limitless! I encourage you to look through all your challenges and see the opportunities that lie ahead.

With an alumni base of many successful graduates from APIC, I also encourage you to take advantage of that community. Check out our website, post a job, mentor a student, attend an event, connect on LinkedIn, or even just re-connect with an old classmate.

As we journey into a new era at APIC, we encourage you to stay involved. Please join us at the next alumni event in your area, or send an email to [email protected]. I look forward to connecting with you all. hkg99

I thank all of you for your hard work, support, advice, and friendship during this past year. There is no better community of friends than the APIC family. slot188

Action, Urgency, Excellence
Dr. Scott Dickson

President and Principal Executive Officer, Asia Pacific International College

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