APIC’s governance framework is structured and defined as follows:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing authority of APIC with the powers and authorities identified in APIC’s Constitution. The Board of Director's role is to exercise governance oversight for all APIC’s operations and sets the College’s Mission and strategic goals. It determines and monitors the framework of roles, relationships, systems and processes implemented within APIC to achieve its objectives and meet all legislative and statutory obligations relevant to the functioning of a Higher Education Provider. The Governance Charter, available at the following link provides the Board’s roles and responsibilities. Details of the members of the APIC Board of Directors are provided here.

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

APIC’s Beyond Standards 2016-2021 Strategic Plan is available here

Academic Board

The Academic Board, under delegated authority from the Governing Board, is the principal academic body of APIC that oversees teaching, learning, scholarship and provides academic governance oversight of all APIC’s higher education activities. The Board sets and oversees the policies and processes necessary to ensure that APIC’s courses, processes, academic integrity, and student outcomes are of the highest quality and are consistent with APIC’s overall strategic directions. The Academic Board sets academic standards and monitors the delivery, quality and academic outcomes of all APIC courses. Click here to view the members of the APIC Academic Board .

Learning and Teaching Committee

The Learning and Teaching Committee monitors and reports on learning and teaching performance and provides advice and recommendations to the Academic Board on academic priorities and quality assurance initiatives to support APIC’s learning and teaching. It also oversees the development and implementation of all College curriculum.
The APIC Learning and Teaching Plan provides a framework to achieve the goal of enhancing and enriching the student experience and improving student outcomes by guiding strategic planning and implementation of learning and teaching initiatives across APIC, as well as informing planning in other key areas of college activities. Please click here for more information

Scholarship and Research Committee

The Scholarship and Research Committee has delegated authority from the Academic Board and is convened to foster and support a culture of research and scholarship activities at the College.
The APIC Scholarship and Research plan sets out the direction for research and scholarship development at the college over the period specified. Please click here for more information.

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners Committee reviews all academic results, approves the release of the final marks/grades and approves those eligible for conferral of awards and recommends them to the Academic Board for approval.