Small Research Grant Scheme

The Asia Pacific International College (APIC) Small Research Grants (SRG) scheme is available to all APIC academic staff (permanent, contract and sessional ). The SRG scheme aims to enhance a culture of research and scholarship at APIC. Grants are available to support research in the substantive disciplines of APIC as well as research into learning and teaching.

Grants can be awarded to individual researchers however priority is given to projects that:

  • Answer important applied research questions
  • Involve internal and external collaborations

APIC SRGs will normally be for a maximum of $7500.00 although it is expected that many projects will require less funding. Grants that involve cross-disciplinary collaboration or collaboration with external partners may be up to $10,000.00.

Decisions about the award of grants is based on merit (Click here to download Application form ).

Funding may be used for a range of purposes including, but not restricted to, purchase of software and equipment, research assistance, consumables, and participant incentives / reimbursement.

Funding of any project requiring human research participation is contingent on the applicant(s) obtaining appropriate ethical approval, either through the APIC Research Ethics Committee (REC) for negligible or low risk research or from a fully constituted Human Research Ethics Committee for any project deemed to be above negligible or low risk.

It is a condition of the award of an APIC SRG that:

  • grant recipients complete a Progress Report Form annually
  • any substantial changes to how the budget is expended and/or the methodology of the grant are approved by the Chair of the APIC Research and Scholarship Committee who may seek advice from other members of that Committee. If the project involves human participants, then changes to methodology must be approved by the ethics committee that originally approved the project.

Grant Application Process

Applications for the APIC SRG are requested annually by closing date of 31 October with outcomes conveyed to applicants by 20 December and funding available from January of the following year. Staff wishing to apply must apply using the APIC Small Research Grant Application Form

Click here to know more about the application submission and review process