Board of Directors

APIC’s Board of Directors oversees the management, operational performance and strategic direction of the College. The structure and proceedings of the Board of Directors are defined by APIC's Constitution and supported by the Governance Charter.

The Board of Directors sets the overall strategic directions and the framework of policies and procedures necessary to achieve APIC’s objectives and is ultimately responsible to shareholders and stakeholders for both corporate and academic outcomes.

The Board of Directors oversees APIC’s operations in two broad areas:

  1. Overall business performance — ensuring the College develops and implements strategies and supporting policies to enable it to fulfil the objectives set out in the College’s Constitution. The Board delegates the day to day management of the College to the Executive Management team, but remains accountable to the shareholders and stakeholders for APIC’s performance; and
  2. Overall compliance performance — ensuring the College develops and implements systems to enable it to adhere to its regulatory, legal and policy obligations, under the: Corporations Act 2001; Tertiary Education Quality and Standards (TEQSA) Act 2011; Higher Education Standards Framework 2015; Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000; Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2001; National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007; and Higher Education Support Act 2003.

In executing its duties and responsibilities, the Board of Directors has established the Academic Board, Audit and Risk Committee and a Governance Committee.

Board of Directors
Governance Charter
APIC Constitution