Dr Ahmad Kaleem

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, PhD, MSc, B.Com,


Biographical details
Before joining APIC in 2015, Dr Kaleem has taught and worked at Central Queensland University, Investment Banking Business School (as Dean) and COMSATS University Pakistan.
After completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Dr Kaleem did a Master of Science in International Security in the UK followed by a PhD in Finance. He then moved to Australia to complete a post-doctoral research fellowship in Finance.

Teaching Interests

Financial Planning Corporate Accounting
Financial Markets, Instruments and Systems, Accounting Theory
Insurance and Risk Management Financial Reporting and Planning
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Research Methodologies
Financial Management, Management Accounting
Financial Accounting,

Research Interests

Accounting, Finance, Investment and Governance

Professional Associations and Fellowships
• Full Member, CPA – Australia, 2016 to present

• Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - United Kingdom, 2017 to present

• Full Member, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants – (USA), 2017 to present

• Member, Project Management Institute – USA, 2018 to present
International Links
Research Grants and Awards

• Students Voice Commendation Award in Accounting, Central Queensland University in 2020.

• Emerald Literati Award for best research paper of the year, 2019

• Platinum Certificate, Top rated units in Term II, 2019 for FINC20018 from Central Queensland University, Melbourne Campus.

• Educator of the Year Award, Central Queensland University in 2018

• On-Campus Educator of the Year Award, Central Queensland University in 2018

• Endeavour Research Fellowship Award offered by the Government of Australia in in 2010 – 2011

• Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program: Direct access to the Muslim World offered by United States Education Foundation in Pakistan in 2009.

• Research Productivity Awards, COMSATS University, Pakistan, 2012 and 2013.


Journal articles
• Ahmad, S; Islam, T; Sohal, A; Wolfram Cox, J; Kaleem, A. (2021) “Managing Bullying in the Workplace: A Moderated Mediation Model of Servant Leadership, Employee Resilience and Proactive Personality” Personnel Review, Accepted for publication. [ABDC ranking: A]

• Ahmad S., Hassan S, F., and Kaleem A. (2020) “Is the Meaning of Ethical Leadership Constant Across Cultures? A Test of Cross-Cultural Measurement Invariance” International Journal of Manpower, https://doi.org/10.1108/IJM-02-2019-0079. [ABDC ranking: A]

• Ahmad S, and Kaleem A. (2019) “Zooming in on the Workplace Bullying and Turnover Intentions Pathway: The Role of Wellbeing and a Cultural Boundary Condition”, Personnel Review, Vol. 49, No 2, pp. 425 – 444. [ABDC ranking: A]

• Kaleem A. and Ahmad S. (2010), “The Quran and Poverty Alleviation: A Theoretical Model for Charity Based Islamic Microfinance Institutions” Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Sage Publication, USA. Vol. 39, No. 3, pp. 409-428. [ABDC ranking: A]

• Ahmed, I.; Islam, T; Ahmad, S.; Kaleem, A. (2021) "A COVID-19 Contextual Study of Customers Mistreatment and Counterproductive Work Behavior at Coffee Cafés" British Food Journal, https://doi.org/10.1108/BFJ-07-2020-0664 [SJ Ranking Q1, Impact Factor 2.102].

• Ahmad, Saima; Islam, Talat; Sadiq, Misbah; Kaleem, Ahmad, (2021) “Promoting Green Behavior through Ethical Leadership: A Model of Green Human Resource Management and Environmental Knowledge” Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, Vol. 44(2), https://doi.org/10.1108/LODJ-01-2020-0024 [SJ Ranking Q1, Impact Factor 2.102].

• Islam, T,; Ahmad, S.; Kaleem, A.; Mahmood, K. (2021) “Abusive Supervision and Knowledge Sharing: The Moderating Roles of the Islamic Work Ethic and Learning Goal Orientation” Management Decision, Vol. 59, No 2, pp. 205 – 222. https://doi.org/10.1108/MD-08-2019-1069, [SJ Ranking Q1, Impact Factor 1.96]

• Ahmad, R.; Ahmad, S.; Islam, T.; Kaleem, A. (2020) “The Nexus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Affective Commitment and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in Academia: A Model of Trust”, Employee Relations, V0l. 42(1), pp. 232 - 247, [SJ Ranking Q1, Impact Factor 1.641].

• Kaleem A. and Abdul Wajid R. (2009), “Application of Islamic Banking Instrument (Bai Salam) for Agriculture Financing in Pakistan”, British Food Journal, Vol. 111, Issue 3, pp 275 - 295. [SJ Ranking Q1, Impact Factor 2.102].

• Kaleem K., He Y., Kaleem A., Akram U., and Hussain Z., (2018) “Remidial Role of Financial Development in Cooperate Investment and Financing Constraint and Agency Costs” Journal of Business Economics and Management, Vol. 19(1), pp. 162 - 177. [ABDC ranking: B]

• Ahmad S., Hassan S, F., and Kaleem A. (2018) “How ethical leadership stimulates academics’ retention in universities: The mediating role of job-related affective well-being "International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 32(7), pp. 1348 – 1362. [ABDC ranking B]

• Ahmad S., Kaleem R., Kaleem A. (2017) “Academics' Perceptions of Bullying at Work: Insights from Pakistan”, International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 31(2), pp. 204 – 220. [ABDC ranking: B]

• Kaleem A. and Ahmad S. (2010) “Bankers’ Perception towards Bai Salam method for Agriculture financing in Pakistan,” Journal of Financial Services Marketing, Vol. 15(3), pp. 215 -227. [ABDC ranking: B]

• Kaleem K., Kaleem A. Zulfiqar S., and Akram U., (2019) “Innovation Investment: Behavoiur of Chinese Firms Towards Financing Sources”, International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. 27, No. 7, pp. https://doi.org/10.1142/S1363919619500701, [SJ Ranking Q2]

• Tabassum N., Kaleem A., and Ehsan S. (2015) “Real Earnings Management and Future Performance Evidence from Pakistan” Global Business Review, Vol. 16(1), pp. 1-14. [SJ Ranking Q2]

• Kaleem M., Kaleem A, Hea Y., Akram U, Akram Z, and Chen Y., (2017) “Research on implication of convergence of interest hypothesis: Evidence from listed firms,” Human Systems Management, IOS Press, Vol. 36, pp. 187–195.

• Tabassum N., Kaleem A., Nazir S., (2014) "Earnings Management through Overproduction and Subsequent Performance: An Empirical Study in Pakistan" International Journal of Indian Culture and Business, Vol. 9(3), pp. 267 - 282.

• Nazir, S., Younus H., Kaleem A., Ahmad Z. (2014) “Impact of Political Events on Stock Market Returns: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan" Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Vol. 30(1), pp. 60 – 78.

• Shabbir S.M., Shamim A., Kaleem A., (2011), “Creativity: a Drive Force behind Yield Management,” International Journal of Economics and Business Research, Vol. 3, No 4, pp. 459-467.

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• Kaleem A., (2005), “Effectiveness of IT in Business Education: A case of Business Schools in Pakistan,” Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 8, Issue 3, pp. 1082 – 1090.


• Lewis, K.M. and Kaleem, A., (2019) “Religion and Finance: Comparing the approaches of Judaism, Christianity and Islam,” Edward Elger,Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, ISBN: 978 0 85793 902 9. [A Category - book publisher]

• Kaleem, A., (2009) “Monetary Stability under Dual Banking System: The Case of Malaysia,” Omniscriptum Publishing Group (formally VDM Verlag), Germany, ISBN: 978-3639181814.

Book chapters
• Ahmad. S, Islam. T, and Kaleem. A (2021). Workplace Bullying in Pakistan: Mapping the Implications of Social Cynicism and the Moderation of Islamic Work Ethic, Asian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, D´Cruz. P, Noronha. E, Mendonca. E, (Eds.), Springer Singapore, pp. 93 – 113. [A Category - book publisher]

• Kaleem K., M.K., Zhao, X., Akram, U., Hashim, M. & Kaleem. A. (2017). Crowd funding: An Innovative Approach to Start Up with Entrepreneurship. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, Volume 502 of the series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer Singapore, pp 1293-1304. [A Category - book publisher]

• Kaleem, A. and Ahmad. S. (2016). Bankers’ perception towards Bai Salam method for agriculture financing in Pakistan. In T. Harrison & E. Ibrahim (Eds.), Islamic Finance: Principles, Performance and Prospects (1 ed.,). London, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 66-85. [A Category - book publisher]

• Kaleem, A. and Lewis, M.K. (2014). Non-interest financing arrangements in three Abrahamic religions. In “Risk and Regulation in Islamic Banking”, Edward Elgar Publishing UK, pp. 155 -167. [A Category - book publisher]

• Kaleem, A. (2008). Challenges and Opportunities in Microfinance. Chapter Contributed in a Book Published by the Institute of Bankers Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan. pp 66 – 76.


• Ehsan S., Kaleem A., Jabeen S. (2013). Impact of High Insider Stock Ownership on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case from Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan. Paper presented at 40th Annual Conference, Northeast Business & Economics Association, Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA, November 7-9.

• Ahmad S. and Kaleem A. (2009). Bankers’ Perception towards Strategies That Banks Adopt and Factors Important for Electronic Banking in Pakistan. Paper presented at the Asia Pacific Conference organized by Said Business School Oxford University and Hong Kong Poly University (August 25-27, 2009).

• Kaleem A., Abdul Wajid R. and Hussain H.S. (2009). Factors Affecting Financial Advisor’s Perception in Portfolio Management: with Reference to Pakistan. Paper presented at the Oxford Business and Economics Conference, Oxford University, UK, (June 24-26). ISBN 970-0-9742114-1-9.

• Kaleem A. and Mangla I.U. (2007). Islamic Banking Practices in Asian Countries, A Country Comparison: Malaysia vs Pakistan – A Reality or Myth. Paper presented at Fourth Facing East-Facing West Conference, Fetzer Center, Western Michigan University, USA, (June 15-16).


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