Master of Project Management and Business (MPMB)

Award Master of Project Management and Business (MPMB)
AQF Level AQF 9
Typical Duration 2 years
CRICOS Code 077591B
Unit of Study 12
Structure 8 Core units + 4 Electives


MPMB graduates will acquire knowledge and competencies of the contemporary project and portfolio management, as well as leadership and high-level professional skills and attitude. The course focuses on the enhancement of specific professional capabilities, knowledge, and competencies, undertaken in a combination of coursework and research; and the acquisition of leadership and communication skills needed to lead and deliver complex projects. The emphasis is placed on the development of strategic and business expertise associated with projects and organisations. Another unique aspect of the course is its integrated approach to the management of projects, portfolios, and business ventures. MPMB candidates undertake research that immerses them in the application of the latest concepts and techniques, which provides them with fresh perspectives, values, and competencies to lead complex projects.

APIC's focus is on the promotion of holistic and integrative thinking, and self-direction. In this course, you should expect to develop the following attributes:

  • specialist project management methodologies, modelling and techniques for the design, plan and implementation of projects across a wide range of industries;
  • project management skills with business focus;
  • leadership role in the project delivery function;
  • critical thinking skills;
  • in-demand, commercially-relevant skills and knowledge;
  • communication and people skills;
  • creativity and lateral thinking;
  • ethics and sustainability skills; and
  • openness to new ideas and entrepreneurship skills.


  • APIC courses are nationally accredited and registered by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and included in the National Register of Higher Education Providers.
  • APIC is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). MPMB CRICOS Code is 077591B.
  • APIC’s Master of Project Management and Business is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management.

As an Academic Partner of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), our goal is to improve the professional outcomes of our graduates. Graduates of our AIPM endorsed course(s) are eligible for automatic recognition and the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognised professional RegPM™ certification as a Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP).

Furthermore, our partnership offers additional benefits to graduates, including a 50% discount on a one-year full AIPM membership when applying for CPPP certification automatic recognition, resulting in a saving of $230 (including GST) per applicant. This offer is valid for 12 months after completing the AIPM endorsed course and other terms and conditions apply.  Current students also enjoy 50% discount on student membership that offers a saving of $42 (including GST).

Course Learning Outcomes


Graduates of Master of Project Management and Business will have:
• A broad and coherent knowledge of recent industry developments and of professional practices, standards, and expectations in contemporary business and project management.
•Demonstrated, current, knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to business and project management, and which can contribute to performance improvements, and the soft skills to be able to perform as an effective team member in contemporary organisations.


Graduates of Master of Project Management and Business will have:
• Demonstrated, advanced, cognitive skills to research, analyse and evaluate new information, concepts and evidence from a range of business, industry, and academic sources, to reflect critically on business practices, and to devise improvements in professional practice.
• Cognitive, technical, and creative skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise complex information in business processes, logistics, finance, and strategy, or other types of problems. And, by using project management concepts and theories, be able to apply established project management theories to business practices and to present reasoned arguments and analyses of key business and technical data.
• Cognitive, technical, and creative skills to evaluate complex concepts and ideas, with depth in some areas such as finance and information requirements, and to generate relevant complex ideas and abstract solutions.
• Communication and technical research skills to justify and interpret theoretical project management propositions, methodologies, and conclusions, and relay those professional decisions to both specialist and non-specialist team members.
• Technical and communication skills to analyse, theorise about, evaluate, and implement developments, and which add to professional practice and/or scholarship within business, project management and related disciplines. And Communication skills to facilitate working effectively and to present clear and coherent information, and which contribute to an independent exposition of ideas and knowledge when working in a business/project team or when collaborating with colleagues around the world.

Application of Knowledge and Skills

Graduates of Master of Project Management and Business will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills:

• With creativity and initiative through the resolution of problems and by preparing for and adapting to new situations in professional practices such as planning and decision making, especially in relation to the understanding and addressing of business needs, financial importance, and information requirements.
• With high level autonomy, responsibility and accountability for their own learning and professional practice and ethical standards, and in collaboration with others within a business or industry environment.
• Through the planning and execution of a substantial research-based project or capstone experience, and the tracking of progress through disciplined project management skills and team management.
• Work effectively in diverse teams to deliver outcomes, both as team members and as team leaders, as appropriate to the context.


The structure in table below is applicable to students commencing in Trimester 3 2020 onwards.

Compulsory Units Prerequisites
PRJ5001 Project Management Profession -
PRJ5002 Enterprise and Resource Planning -
PRJ5003 Project Constraint Management -
PRJ5004 Procurement, Quality and Risk Management -
PRJ5108 Project Delivery and Procurement PRJ5001
PRJ5105 Project Integration and Change Management One of the following: PRJ5001, or PRJ5002, or PRJ5003, or PRJ5004 + completion of 16 credit points.
PRJ5106 Research Methodology and Data Analysis Completion of 24 Credit Points
PRJ6001 Applied Project 48 Credit points + PRJ5106
Elective -
Elective -
Elective -
Elective -
Recommended Electives Prerequisites
PRJ5107 Venture, Project Economics and Finance PRJ5001
BUS6001 Business Strategy Management PRJ5001
General Electives Prerequisites
PRJ6002 Strategic Portfolio Management BUS6001
BUS6002 Enterprise Operations Management -
BUS6003 Business Law -
BUS6004 Enterprise Information Systems PRJ5002
BUS6005 International Business -
BUS5001 Ethical Legal and Industrial Frameworks -
BUS5002 Applied Accounting and Financial Management -
BUS5003 Information Systems and Data Analysis -
BUS5004 Leadership and Influence -
BUS5102 Supplier and Consumer Behaviour BUS5001 Ethical, Legal and Industrial Frameworks
BUS5103 Marketing and Communications BUS5001 Ethical, Legal and Industrial Frameworks
PRJ5107 Venture, Project Economics and Finance PRJ5001

Please note: Not all units are offered in every trimester.
Students enrolled in the Master of Project Management & Business who have completed a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and/or a Graduate Diploma of Project Management by the College will receive full credit for units completed.

To access the structure for students commencing in or before Trimester 2 2020 please click here

Duration of Study

  • 1 year accelerated study is available. Full time study is normally 2 years in duration.
  • Domestic students may complete their study on a part time (P/T) basis.

Delivery Method
All units of study are hosted on the College’s Online Learning System (OLS-Canvas), and lectures are generally delivered face-to-face for campus-based students. Students should expect to spend approximately 13 hours per week over 12 weeks (total of 160 hours) on learning activities for each unit. All tutorials and workshops are conducted under close academic supervision.

Students have 24/7 access to course information, E-library, and other learning resources, and learn from a highly qualified faculty, many of whom have considerable academic and industry experience. Each unit includes a variety of assessments that promote academic integrity and learning and prepare students for future learning and practice.

Other learning resources include:

  • lecture notes and suggested readings,
  • sample assignments and case studies,
  • e-Library and course reserve, and
  • academic skills resources.

APIC's e-Library hosts a collection of specialised papers and presentation slides often not found in the online databases. It includes a mix of academic and industry-focused studies in project, business, and general management. The collection is always expanding as more resources are obtained.

Postgraduate Admission Requirements

APIC Admission policy

Academic Entry Requirements

English language entry requirements

All applicants from a non-English speaking background applying to any postgraduate course at APIC must satisfy the following additional English language requirements:

IELTS Academic: Overall band score 6.5 or higher with no band below 6.0 in writing and speaking; OR
IBT (Internet-based TOEFL): Overall score 79 with a writing section minimum of 21 and speaking 18 OR
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): Overall score 180, writing and speaking 180 OR
Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): Overall 176 with a writing and speaking section minimum of 169 OR
PTE Academic Module with a minimum score of 58 with a writing and speaking section minimum of 50.

Applicants who do not meet APIC’s English proficiency requirements can be made a conditional offer with a requirement to complete an approved intensive English language course and meet the required standard prior to their commencing their APIC award course.